a question of choice

Inch Beach

Another Sunset

Week One-09

Minard Castle is on the beach. Its where I intend to swim every day, so far so good, 8 days out of 11.

Dingle Town

Turning on the lights.

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Choices I’m lucky to have. I wrote a long post yesterday and then spent a while trying to upload images. None of it seems to have uploaded so for now only some images. I’ll write in the morning…


Kilcummin Strand, on the Castlegregory Coast, I’ll be going back in daylight.

Inch at sunset, a favourite walk.

There is a regular group of vehicles parked along the road, surfers taking to the high seas. This one is being towed by a jet-ski…

The Brandon range, from Peddlar's Lake

The Brandons and possibly Masatiompan, I hope to get to the tops soon , weather is too unpredictable at the moment for solo expeditions.

Sheep eating the Holly bushes, collected for the Annascaul Walkers by Brigid on the annual Holly Walk, my first outing with such a friendly group.

Loch an Pheidlear (Loch Doon)

Loch an Pheidlear, at the top of the Conor Pass, a site of famous Kerry Ice Mile swims.

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Just what I need for Kerry. In Venice getting some last minute shopping done.

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Sometimes you have to look further than the horizon.


This is not Kerry, you know that. Before I was offered an opportunity to stay in Kerry I had booked to go to Venice for a few days. I want to see some of the Art, Culture and Historic sites. On my last visit it was photography only, (well that was the purpose of the Workshop with Rohan Reilly from Kinsale), I did look beyond the Monochrome, minimalist theme an odd time.

So then Kerry beckons. I will be surrounded by beauty, beaches, books, practising deep breathing and photography. I’ll take the odd walk into the mountains. I’ll swim in the lakes. 7 weeks might seem too short a stay. Friends are keen to visit and are pre-booking beds. I’ll have to talk to DD about that. We wouldn’t want an invasion of Rebels from Wicklow.


Kinard beach and the beautiful Sea stack. (I’m sorry I don’t have the credits for the images).


MINARD I hope to swim here regularly.


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pros and cons of Kerry exile

On Sunday 22nd October I read an email from a Yoga Centre I had attended a few years ago. In the email was a request for a suitable person to look after the Yogi’s house and 2 cats for the months of December and January. I am now that person. I told some of the Greystones Sea swimmers this morning and one of them asked had I written a list of Pros and Cons. I replied I had not as I did not hesitate at all in asking “DD” would I be suitable and waiting for the response which came the same day. I will write about my experience when I get there so I am starting here by resurrecting an Old Blog and doing the said list of Pros and Cons, maybe not in the way my friend expected or meant.

I have never lived on my own. I have spent a period of 7 weeks walking in Spain, the longest time away from my family home.
I have never bought food just for myself or looked in a fridge or press to see only what I want or need to be there.
I’d like to use one plate, one mug, one set of cutlery, minimal pots or pans and know if I put something anywhere it will be there later. There is a possibility that I won’t remember what it was I left where but I’ll soon figure out who is to blame for that matter.
I can take photographs of all the beautiful Kerry scenery, on the days it’s not raining at least.
I can climb mountains and walk routes I’ve not walked before.
I can swim in the Ice cold lakes, with local advice of course, and company I hope.
I can read and listen to music all day, I do that anyway if I want.
I can meet new people, that’s not a priority but I’m told the locals are a very friendly bunch.
I can swim in the Sea, only when it’s safe, hopefully in different places.
I will miss Greystones, the sea swimmers, coffee, chats and walks. However during the 7 weeks I mentioned above I was too busy to really miss much, except the Sea.
I will miss Bailey, he’ll miss me, we’ll get over it, I intend to befriend all the dogs I meet.
I will look forward to coming home in time for my birthday at the end of January.

I will send one more email with the blog address attached so if you want to read my random thoughts and see my pictures you can follow me, or not.

Virus-free. www.avg.com



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the small stones project

The tears flowed down my cheeks as I filled the flask

I looked for all my pens today

I write in the new notebook my daughter gave me

I like to write in notebooks

Does she have any idea what I write

I had a good walk with the dogs in the sunshine

The swim was good, bright and warm

I have made a start

My photos might tell a better story

I look forward to stones making a pathImageImage

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Storms today-waves galore Tuesday

South Beach easterlies

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