Old stuff

4th October

Just a reminder to tell you the stories about the “apple pie” contest. The Achill trip and meeting up with Kevin. The Literature course book on today’s list and the people I have met on the course, mostly D4’s with accents! filling in a quiet Monday am while the babies are in Alex..no most are retired I would imagine, may have been stay at home housewives, but MAYBE NOT-wonder what they think I am. I am going to read now as can’t really type well in bed.


I think the way this works is I should put the latest letter at the top, it is all a learning curve anyway. I don’t know what I have told you as we are all over the place between your 2 hot-mail addresses, fb and calls. I know I have told you nothing over the phone as we are so disjointed, you can’t see me, I can’t see you, I can’t hear you etc, and when you can see me you notice I haven’t washed, so observant of you..hah! So whats little ol mum doing right now? Just taken spiced apple muffins out of the oven. Got some lovely cookers from the Happy Pear last week as they were running an apple pie competition, oh that’s another story to tell. So I made a spiced apple cake on Mon and now using some more apple to make muffins to take with me to Achill, oh that’s another story, threads are building up all over the place, twould be quicker to get out the pen and paper.

Linda Duggan has gone to Auckland, you knew that. Before she went I sent a txt to Lynda G, married to Paul , we visited their house! Lynda has been keeping in touch and sent Mum a lovely letter recently. I also have made her a friend on fb and the 2 daughters, drew the line at the son as he 18/20-not sure. So I sene a txt-bear with me. Lynda replied instantly, a good communicator, to say she would love to meet another Irish girl with a funny accent, or some such comment, also a reference to a *relation?. Told her Linda is Evin’s auntie and Evins is a cousin of Paul and of his kids. So gave Linda D a mail as Kristine had given me her contacts, and i sent on her addresses to Lynda G.

So on arrival in Auckland Linda was very unhappy to discover she was in a 4 bed dorm!! this was free by the way, set up by flight agent for first few nights, she had no room for her bag? and other couple? were already in bed! so she left and booked into a cheap motel were she had a room on her own, 60$ a night and she couldn’t sleep as it was very noisy. So next am she went to “library” to check out places to stay and her e.mail and voila there was a message from my cousin inviting her to come and visit and giving her numbers. Lynda G told me this, I told K….and on Sat ?K rang me at 10.50pm to tell me Linda D just been on phone, had rung Lynda G and was going for Lunch on Sun and K said “she might ask her to stay there too”???. So next thing I know I see on fb-entries on the cousins pages re the “wee irish girl that came to dinner” diddlley dee potatoes” “tanks”…”aah I’ll be burned for that”-of course I couldn’t see all that was written, or maybe that was all, so I sent a message to eldest Suzi-“ah go on, you will, you will, you will, begorrah!”. I then sent Lynda G a message to say I had heard via FB that Linda D was there and to say Thanks to all, and meant it, but to tell me a bit more>>>>. Needless to say she didn’t. She said I collected her, she stayed for lunch, couldn’t stay here as it so far out as you know, and they all loved the accent-so maybe that was all it was sheer admiration for Lindas accent. We may never know as I txt K to say I heard from Lynda G and had she heard from Linda D but no, no message, no mail to me, maybe she is feeling really low and maybe it was of no help to her-(just hope they didn’t give her shortbread and strawberries ):

That’s all for now.

Love you lots, off to Achill for 3 nights, Thurs, that’s why I was baking to bring with me for breakfasts.


As you know my mum can write a letter. It would be a pity if I let this opportunity slip by to see can I match her talent for composition, wit, comment on the inane. You are going to be travelling for a period of 9 months. In that time there will be considerable activity on all the various social networks between friends, relations and your parents. I might use this medium to discuss current events. By this I do not mean the state of the country/economy/jobs market/financial concerns. I mean is the sun shining, is the water wet/cold; as you know subjects of significant importance.  I may also let you know what I am cooking-eating is a different topic altogether. It may be necessary to communicate how many times my swimming friends ask how you are. You are loved, maybe that should be the title of the next page?

Sept 25th

You are loved..

What’s this I here about an Australian Rugby team, or is it “the” Australian Rugby team, please elaborate. Skype is always good, except not at 7.30 on a Sat am. This meant it was 11pm with you, had you been out and felt lonely, or were out and feeling good and just wanted to talk to Mum?

I was out last night at Angelika and Willie’s “polderbash”? it is a german pre-wedding party meaning a smashing night. They got friends to smash plates into a blue bottle truck. Angelika examined them all to make sure none was left whole-symbolic of something I am sure.

Swimming was cancelled yesterday due to the high waves, I thought you would be able to see them in my photos. I attach one just in case.

Let’s agree a time for you to ring me, once you keep in touch I won’t mind the regularity. The visa card has 120 in it as far as I remember, the bank would ask me for a pin I imagine but I don’t think you need to bother ? unless you have been spending or using it already ? Even when you get the OZ phone it will cost us to receive texts I imagine so no need to txt just message through skype or email etc..

Good to see you started the blog.South Beach North Easterly


3 Responses to Old stuff

  1. tara says:

    i am loved,good title!really tired today so you’re making me emotional!weather is strange here,quite rainy today but still warm.
    have decided to stay in this hostel for the week until we find place to stay then the job hunt is on!doesn’t seem difficult to find a job,most people we’ve talked to seem to have found them quite easy.have to apply for a tax number today online.Really easy to meet people here,we were out last night with a group of people,mostly from oz visiting brisbane for long time or just long weekend.
    love and miss you

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    What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate
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