Sunday’s walk-Annascaul Lake and Martha’s Haggard

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I have made a type of decision to write in the mornings when my mind is fresh and active, that’s not happening as there is so much else to do. That’s good. I’ve developed a system now for uploading images and adding them to the Media Library, it’s probably a bit insane (or completely) but its going to have to do until I have a brainwave or embrace the concept of paying for iCloud storage. I couldn’t have paid for the extra storage in any case when I was alerted to the fact that I had no room. I made a complete “cock-up” of my finances before I came to Annascaul and only today have I been able to buy bread and milk in the local shop using my debit card, I have been surviving on the “coins” in my car. (Please, any friends reading this, do not go mental).

I’m going to upload the images from Sunday’s walk now and resume writing my “stuff” afterwards.

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