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Literature, history and romance

Tim Winton-came across Breath by accident or , divine intervention (serendipity) in the library last week. I went in to look up books by Allende, Isabel;Winton, Tim;Coetzee, J.M; and a russian poet who I have decided to defer reading until … Continue reading

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Recipes to try and reasons to remember..

I copied the quote below from another blog Have you tried Harry Eastwood’s book ‘Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache’? There’s some great zucchini/courgette recipies in there– It’s won me over to baking with all kinds of veg instead of using … Continue reading

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Autumn swimming starts tomorrow..

Michael says that Autumn officially starts tomorrow or 25th August and lasts until 25th November. For us all year round sea swimmers it is the wind that affects us the most. I started swimming at the South Beach, Greystones, Ireland … Continue reading

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