Moanlaur towards Emlagh, views of Inch. Ballydavid and other walks.

Moanlaur Ridge to Inch

Annascaul Walkers Sunday 14th Jan. It was wild and windy all the way along the ridge and very steep slippy ground going down towards Inch.


I had a good walk around Ballydavid Head ending up climbing the cliff top of Beenmore. Looking towards the Brandon Point and the Brandon Peaks.



View down towards the Inch beach and Dunes.

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Five amazing walks on the Dingle Penninsula, all around Annascaul (except for Mangerton) and easily accessible.

The last few days have been very busy. I met a friend in Baile na nGall on Thursday and went for a lovely 10km walk around the townland. That was followed by a long chat, coffee and two slices of luxury iced Christmas cake (from Lidl), it was the first slice of cake I had this Christmas. And the first long chat with a friend.

Beal Ban Friday __02

Imeall an Domhain, Baile na nGall


Friday I met the “Friday” walking group at Dun an Or and walked back along the entire length of Smerwick Bay to Feoghanagh Pier. Another 10km. We got plenty of sunshine and sea spray walking along Sli Imeall an Domhain, the cliff walk from TP’s along the edge of the cliffs.


Fine views back over the Cloghane side of the peninsula

Saturday I went out on my own and climbed Caharconree, had my first visit to Sammy’s on Inch beach since Christmas Day and waited to see the magnificent sunset on the strand.

View heading to the top back to the Old Fort built at around 700m on the side of Caharconree



Beal Ban Friday _

Beal Ban

Beal Ban Friday __01

One for my “dead” collection. This one is very weird though, it’s a skin, very clean, looks like it may have been dropped here or blown by the wind.



8th Jan (8)

View from Meelin Hill part of one of the Annascaul Loop Walks, all the details are provided on Information Boards in the village.

8th Jan (7)

A great little ridge walk, three summits, great views even if the sky was grey.

8th Jan (6)

The three peaks of Brackloon

8th Jan (3)

Minard beach just enough sand to be able to walk in.

8th Jan (4)

Minard Castle, the air temp was 2c this morning, the swim was most welcome.

8th Jan (5)
Kerry Cairn on the top of Meelin
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New Year’s Eve parade at Annascaul Village, Kerry


It was very interesting to be part of this New Year’s Eve parade. The parade leaders are carrying burning sods of turf on pitchforks. They stop to renew the fire and are followed by local groups carrying flags, National, County, GAA teams. I was carrying the flag of the 2020 Irish Antarctic Swimming expedition.

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Annascaul Walking Club have a New Year’s Eve walk up Brandon Mountain.

Please click on any individual image to see Captions.

I have been very fortunate in meeting up with a very active walking club, based in Annascaul village where I am staying. There are regular walks every Sunday, offering a choice between an A or B walk. All walks conclude with a meeting of the two groups at a local pub or café. This Sunday was New Year’s eve and it was a great opportunity to get a good few hours out on the hills and a great bowl of soup before a roaring fire in An Bothar. I imagine this B&B offers high class services out in the middle of nowhere, exactly what you want if you are touring on the Wild Atlantic Way.

An Bothar Pub B&B

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Wild Atlantic Way , Brandon’s Point, Cappagh beach and swimming.


Bailey is getting out and about as well. Djouce is in Wicklow, our favourite hill at home.


Cappagh Strand facing East.


The hills are on fire to the West.


It could have been a John Hinde if I’d paid more attention.


I just love the Sheep.


Another view of the sunset.


There’s a Christmas tree in this shot, can you see it? Cappagh beach.



I’m not on my own, despite the fact I never meet anyone on the beaches.


My third Kerry Cairn?


Brandon Point, this is the best sign I’ve seen on the Wild Atlantic Way.


A great explanatory board, and wonderful way-marked walks up to the top of the Mountains.

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Sunday’s walk-Annascaul Lake and Martha’s Haggard

(To view any image in full size Please click on it)

(Phones, tablets, PC’s  all have different reading screens, change yours if it’s not reading logically)

I have made a type of decision to write in the mornings when my mind is fresh and active, that’s not happening as there is so much else to do. That’s good. I’ve developed a system now for uploading images and adding them to the Media Library, it’s probably a bit insane (or completely) but its going to have to do until I have a brainwave or embrace the concept of paying for iCloud storage. I couldn’t have paid for the extra storage in any case when I was alerted to the fact that I had no room. I made a complete “cock-up” of my finances before I came to Annascaul and only today have I been able to buy bread and milk in the local shop using my debit card, I have been surviving on the “coins” in my car. (Please, any friends reading this, do not go mental).

I’m going to upload the images from Sunday’s walk now and resume writing my “stuff” afterwards.

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The sea is calling, however sense prevailed. It doesn’t always, even though it was ok yesterday I still stumbled on the slippy stones.


img 2392

img 2392

IMG-2425IMG-2414IMG-2448“Water. The unbending, addictive force that consumes our thoughts, constantly beckoning our souls to seek it out. Once we have given into its pull and are in it’s embrace, it awakens our inner otter calling upon us to test the boundaries of everything we are and everything we want to be. It allows us to step away from the noise, embrace our passions and escape into the watery wonderland. Upon our return, we are better because of the experience.”

I am experimenting with input today as my pc is very slow. It’s really quick to upload images with the phone, however there’s no option to edit or preview.
Last nights sunset and this mornings sea view (no swim).


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a question of choice

Inch Beach

Another Sunset

Week One-09

Minard Castle is on the beach. Its where I intend to swim every day, so far so good, 8 days out of 11.

Dingle Town

Turning on the lights.

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Choices I’m lucky to have. I wrote a long post yesterday and then spent a while trying to upload images. None of it seems to have uploaded so for now only some images. I’ll write in the morning…


Kilcummin Strand, on the Castlegregory Coast, I’ll be going back in daylight.

Inch at sunset, a favourite walk.

There is a regular group of vehicles parked along the road, surfers taking to the high seas. This one is being towed by a jet-ski…

The Brandon range, from Peddlar's Lake

The Brandons and possibly Masatiompan, I hope to get to the tops soon , weather is too unpredictable at the moment for solo expeditions.

Sheep eating the Holly bushes, collected for the Annascaul Walkers by Brigid on the annual Holly Walk, my first outing with such a friendly group.

Loch an Pheidlear (Loch Doon)

Loch an Pheidlear, at the top of the Conor Pass, a site of famous Kerry Ice Mile swims.

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Just what I need for Kerry. In Venice getting some last minute shopping done.

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